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 Crazickscape's first MONSTER DROP GUIDE! (Short)

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PostSubject: Crazickscape's first MONSTER DROP GUIDE! (Short)   Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:46 pm

Hello and welcome to Crazickscape's monster drop guide! The list is below:

Area: Wildy lvl 44.
Lesser demons,found outside KBD's cave (Pk/Wildy): Ashes, 50-100 Fire runes, 1 coin, and a chance of dropping abbysal whip.

KBD (Need to be a high lvl): He drops: Anti dragonfire shield, Dragon bones, and DragonFire Shield.

Area: Island,Open spellbook, training areas and teleport.
Elf Warriors drop: Adamant Armor and Crystal bow.

Hill Giants drop: Big bones, Air Runes, Adamant Scimitar, 500 Coins.

Moss Giants drop: (I got nothing so far).

There are a lot of missing monsters, Will be updated soon.
Feel Free to Suggest Razz
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Crazickscape's first MONSTER DROP GUIDE! (Short)
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